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Don’t be swindled!
Theatregoers are being exploited by unscrupulous ticket resellers.

More and more, theatregoers are being exploited by unscrupulous ticket resellers.  Tickets are being marketed on secondary ticket sites at prices far above the price you will pay by purchasing your tickets directly through Bay City Players.


  • Tickets for our shows cost $20. If you are asked to pay more, you are not buying from our website or box office!
  • Our authorized online ticket agent is ETIX. If you buy your tickets from anyone else, you will likely pay more or even pay for invalid tickets.
  • To purchase tickets online, go to our website at www.baycityplayers.com and click on Purchase Tickets. You will be directed to the ETIX website where you can buy tickets to our shows.  ETIX charges a small processing fee above the ticket price.
  • You can also buy tickets directly from us by calling our box office at 989-893-5555 or by visiting the box office during office hours, Monday through Friday from 9am û 1pm.

Protect yourself and make sure you are buying your tickets directly from Bay City Players or through our authorized ticketing agent, ETIX.

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Thank you. This is very good info! My question, though, is, why isn’t there a seating chart that shows which seats are available? I am somewhat handicapped, but don’t necessarily need the “wheelchair access” seats. I prefer an inner aisle seat & the next one for my husband or an outer aisle seat. That way, if I need to get out, I don’t have to disturb or disrupt other patrons. Thank you, again! Vicki Ahlberg-Ives & Eric Ives

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