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"A Carol of the Birds"

Bay City Players announces the cast for A Carol of the Birds. A Play with music by Leeds Bird and Kevin Cole

Lizzie Bird is Kathryn Pawloski of Bay City
Ned Bird is Eric A. Stone of Essexville
Louise Bird is Michele Green of Bay City
Jack Bird is Cameron Pichan of Pinconning
Maggie is Tina Beauvais of Akron
Philip Bird is Aidan Montgomery of Midland
Carol Bird is Jessica Goik of Essexville
Benjamin Bird is Cameron Plarske of Essexville
Hugh Bird is Brady Warsaw of BAY CITY
Mrs. Ruggles is Sarah Greene of Essexville
Rebecca Ruggles is Betsy Miller of Bay City
Russell Ruggles is Kyler Rytlewski of Auburn
Ruby Ruggles is Grace Madziar of Bay City
Reggie Ruggles is Gabe Thompson of Bay City
Rowena Ruggles is Alexandria Bressette of Midland
Rodger Ruggles is Cooper L Jacobs of Essexville


Ed Borus of Bay City
Stephanie Borus of Bay City
Madeline Brown of Bay City
Carolers are Susan Fisher of Midland
Kelly Jacobs of Bay City
Larry Jacobs of Bay City

Paul Jacobs of Bay City

Kate Mason of Midland
Zach Mason of Midland
Stephen Moelter of FREELAND
Emma Pichan of Pinconning
Rebecca Smith of Bay City
Tezra Tromba of Midland


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