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Spotlight- Sunday Story Time

Bay City Players is thrilled to announce Sunday Story Time! In honor of the National Reading Month of March, Bay City Players will be releasing videos of wonderful people reading books every Sunday.

The project was spear-headed by Erin Frye. Watch her promotion video here! Last year when Erin approached our Board of Directors with an idea for National Reading Month she envisioned a modern story time. As an educator, Erin has watched the decline of hard bound books in hands and the increase of necks bent towards screens instead of printed words on a page. Erin thought if she could just get them interested a little more…just a bit at a time…maybe…she could bring them back. Erin knew it would have to have an electronic element to get their attention-but after that hopefully they could reconnect (pardon the pun) with reading.

Maybe it could be a special story time for a family each week.

Maybe it would be the ten minutes of peace for a mom who is working two jobs and wants nothing more than to read to her kids-but she’s exhausted.

Maybe it will be the spark for some to ask to go to the library.

Now that the work is complete…it became so much more. Erin had a chance to connect with wonderful companies around our great state, she made new friendships, learned more about copyright law then she ever dreamed she’d need to know!

Reading month is important because it involves all of us! Reading is not a spectator sport. Each of us needs this skill every day and this month is designated to motivate people of all ages to read every day!

Reading regularly is linked to the development of positive mental health throughout our lives and it is never too early to help children develop reading skills or to model literacy to those around us who are always watching. Please join us throughout the month for our selection of stories. On behalf of Bay City Players-Thank you for letting us read to your children!

Books that will be read this year during are reading month event are…
Marvin Makes Music
Ollie On Stage
Finn McCool
M is for Mitten
Edmund Fitzgerald Song of the Bell

Our first story is Marvin Makes Music read by Terre Blair Hamlisch! Thank you, Terre for participating in our celebration! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all the latest videos!


Project coordinated by Erin Frye

Article written by Erin Frye

Videography by John Tanner