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behind the scenes

What’s it like backstage? How does it feel when the crowds come rolling in night after night and you find yourself center stage absorbing thunderous applause? Incredible.

The best way to answer that is to be in a show and experience it for yourself. There is nothing like the friendships that are built when people come together to create a beautiful, living, breathing work of art.

Being on stage is not the only way to experience a show and neither is the audience. We have a costume team, props, set designers and decorators, hair and makeup, lights and sound, and in the case of a musical, the musicians. Additionally to bring this all together there is the stage manager who keeps the show running smoothly. This is only backstage!

We also have volunteers up front! Concessions, lobby decorators, coat room, ushers, and box office!! There truly is a community of people to create a single show! Check out these behind the scenes photos and then join us for A CAROL OF THE BIRDS auditions and find out for yourself!

"...We are moved beyond belief at the effect of ON GOLDEN POND on our lives personally....you'll be a part of the puzzle that makes memories for us." Leeds & Margaret - ON GOLDEN POND
"It was great to meet new people and have them feel like a real family in the end." Daniel -FUN HOME
"I miss you all so much!" Thad - ANNIE
"Making the audience truly feel something is what theater is all about, and being able to do so on this show was a dream come true." Spencer -FUN HOME