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Spotlight Article: Kathy Pawloski

The theater is a romantic place. Just ask someone who met her “darling Jim” here during a production of Oliver!: Kathy Pawloski. Kathy has just stepped down from her most recent role at Bay City Players, that of Operations Manager.  She started out as an usher and has filled many a volunteer role at Players since then, ranging from the front of the house (box office, cloak room, concessions, party planner) to backstage (stage crew, set construction and decoration, dresser, props) to assistant director, vocal coach and of course performer. This is a not-common resumé for dedicated community theater volunteers!

Kathy is glad she became involved when she did, when we just had the theater and the little houses behind it served as make-up and dressing rooms. Like other veterans, she remembers “running across the driveway from the dressing room/make-up/green room house behind the theatre, in the daylight of matinees and in any kind of weather, rain or snow” as a source of silliness.

Her favorite memories are ”creating the role of Rosie in Leeds and Kevin’s original A Shine on Your Shoes[presented in 2007 for our 90th season], anytime working with Kevin and Leeds, being in Children of Eden with both my children and Jim directing the music.” As for many of us, working with family, friends, and wonderful mentors are essential parts of the BCP experience. And “I also love the social aspect. Working hard and then the parties. They were epic. (It may have been my naivete, but they were epic!)”


Kathy took on the part-time job of Operations Manager in 2015. That new role showed her “how much goes on behind the scenes and how much needed to be done. Since our strength is our volunteers, there were a lot of things discussed and wished for and they needed a driver to see them to fruition.”  Though it was a balancing act to have more than one ‘boss,’ Kathy is proud that “the building is in the best shape it’s ever been,” a top-notch maintenance couple, and Jessica Lowe, an Operations Administrator. “I feel like my hiring record is spotless!” Kathy says.


As for the future of Bay City Players in these uncertain times, though we know it won’t be quite the same, Kathy (and all of us!) want to “let the public know we aren’t going anywhere.” There will be announcements soon about BCP’s plans to provide performances that are safe for our actors and crew and safe for the public to attend!
For a strong future, Kathy wants Players to “continue to welcome everyone to play/volunteer/work, wherever their strengths lie . . . to continue to educate anyone who walks through our doors, children to adults.”

“Theatre is an amazing vehicle to promote talent, kindness, strength, imagination, work ethic, teamwork, confidence building to name a few,” says Kathy. And remember– great theatre lives here!