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"The Announcement": An Online Event - Jun 2

As we continue staying home and staying safe, we are happy to be able to bring you another installment in the #MakeArtVirtual series. This week our home-bound actors will be presenting an original play by Paul Lewis. “The Announcement”. At 5 PM on August 26, 1965, as the war in Vietnam was escalating, President Lyndon Johnson made an announcement; as of midnight that night, the marriage deferment to the draft would be eliminated. Anyone who got married before midnight would still be exempt from the draft. Thousands of couples across the country dropped whatever they were doing and ran out to get married. Meanwhile, in Cleveland, OH, awkward but endearing Toby has received his draft notice. As he is trying to figure out how to escape enlistment, “The Announcement” is made and it seems like the answer he’s been looking for, with just one hitch: he doesn’t even have a girlfriend. While he tries to enlist the help of a mysterious relative, he meets two beautiful strangers, explores the legacy of a notorious burlesque house, and encounters a small-scale twister in this heartfelt nostalgic comedy about true love and changing your destiny!
Toby: Nick Pellegrino
Bruce: Zach Scabora
Betty: Elizabeth Dewey
Jack: Todd Little
Leonard: Andy Harrington
Lucia: Gina Kearly
Candy Cane: Keara Dixon
Officer Baxter: Nathan Cholger
TV Announcer / Female Swing: Jean Ciampi
TV Announcer / Male Swing: Kyle Sanborn
Narrator: Judy Harper
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