Bay City Players Presents Virtually:

"Chasing Clouds": An Online Event - Jun 9

As we continue staying home and staying safe, we are happy to be able to bring you another installment in the #MakeArtVirtual series. This week our home-bound actors will be presenting an original play by Michael Alan Herman  “Chasing Clouds”. As always, these events are free to all, but donations are appreciated and can be made at

Earl and Joanne have been running their farm for many a year, but they don’t raise crops or livestock; they farm the very clouds themselves, for their precious silver linings. Sadly, the farm is on its last leg, and after a machinery accident, so is Earl. Joanne has an idea about how to move forward, with the help of their next-door neighbor, but Earl isn’t going to like it. Joanne finds herself torn between her loyalty to the man she loves and the truth that’s on the horizon.

The Cast:
Earl Cooper: Jim Stewart
Joanne Cooper: Cathie Stewart
Nathan Jones: Ryan Smith
Radio Voice: Colorgio Romello

Narrator: Michael Alan Herman

Tech: Jacob Kaufman

About the author:
Michael Alan Herman is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter from St. Joseph, Michigan. Since his MFA in writing from the University of Southern California, his plays have been performed across the country in collaboration with The Fountain Theatre, The Hollywood Fringe Festival, The Dandelion Theatre, Theatre NOVA, Eastern Michigan University and Roustabout Theatre Troupe. In addition to playwriting, Michael is also one of the writers behind James Franco’s latest film The Mad Whale in collaboration with Elysium Bandini Studios. He has two literary publications (Contract Terror and Speechless), one comic book (Unlawful Good: An Anthology of Crime), and a flurry of podcasts through Spotify including the award-winning science fiction epic – The Call of the Void. Through these publications, he has come to believe there is no art more precious than collaboration. All of his plays are available on the New Play Exchange. Or you can slide into Michael’s DMs on Twitter (@mherman_writer) for samples.

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