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"The Boondawgle Estate by Peter McDonough": An Online Event - Jun 16

As we continue staying home and staying safe, we are happy to be able to bring you another installment in the #MakeArtVirtual series. This week our home-bound actors will be presenting an original play by Peter McDonough “The Boondawgle Estate“. As always, these events are free to all, but donations are appreciated and can be made at

Synopsis: IForced by posthumous request to find a letter hidden in the house within three days, Entrance Overhill, (aka Enty), is faced with an enormous “to do” list. He must eulogize his uncle, hold his unbalanced aunts at the house for an extra day, prevent said aunts from sending his wife to the booby hatch, and enlist the aid of his undependable, fraternal twin brother Exit while keeping them all in the dark as to why . Failure on any level could send the entire estate to a rather unorthodox recipient. Sound fishy? It should. Set in the style of early cinematic comedies, this scrumptious little dish is served up during the early 1930’s at manor home in upstate New York. The recipe calls for a bit of farce, a splash of vaudeville, a split personality, a dash of skullduggery, a hint of gender-bending, a dose of a distasteful elixir, a pinch of mistaken identity, an assortment of eccentricities, a dollop of the true meaning of family—oh, and one goldfish.

The Cast:
Entrance Overhill – Adam Gardner-Northrop
Exit Overhill – Billy Anderson
Tess Overhill – Madeline Vallazza
Victoria Overhill – Tina Jacobs
Edna Snodgrass – Susie Polito
Mabel Meadowsedge – Sarah Greene
Gertrude Thornbush – Maryanne Tessin
Mr. Fornby – MJ Wisniewski
Captain Agelford – Ryan Smith

Narrator: Peter McDonough

Tech: Jacob Kaufman

About the Playwright:

Peter McDonough is a member of the Dramatist’s Guild of America, Inc. His period farce, “The Boondawgle Estate”, won the playwriting competition at “The 4Th Annual Festival of Plays” at “PlayFest Santa Barbara 2016”. “The Boondawgle Estate” received its first production in September of 2016 through DramaDogs – A Theatre Company, at the Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara, CA. The play was also be featured as part of the 2017 season at The Western Stage in Salinas, CA. Peter’s dramedy, Joint Chiefs, won the playwriting competition at “WordWave: A Festival of Story” in South Lake Tahoe, CA in October of 2016. Joint Chiefs was a finalist in “The 2017 Road Theatre Summer Playwrights Festival” in North Hollywood, CA. The play received its first full production in the fall of 2017 at the Duke Theatre in Lake Tahoe, CA. He completed a companion piece to Joint Chiefs called When It Rains in December of 2016. His play The Process was one of the winners of “The 2018 Road Theatre’s Summer Playwright Festival” in North Hollywood, CA and a winner of “The 2018 Labute New Theatre Festival” at the St. Louis Actors Studio in St. Louis, MO. Additional original works include Side Effects and Scratch, as well as a short screenplay called The Lot. Production History: “The Boondawgle Estate” won the New Works Playwright Festival at the Premiere Theatre Company in Aurora, IL, in 2015, where it received a staged reading. Early in 2016, the play won the “4th Annual Festival of New Plays” at PlayFest Santa Barbara in Santa Barbara, CA, where it received a staged reading to open the festival performed by DramaDogs – A Theatre Company. The play was a finalist in “The 2016 Road Theatre Company’s Summer Playwrights Festival” in North Hollywood, CA. In September of 2016, it had its premiere production in the capable hands of DramaDogs – A Theatre Company at the Center Stage Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA. The Boondawgle Estate was part of the season at The Western Stage in Salinas, CA, and had a successful run in late September and early October of 2017.


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