Bay City Players Presents Virtually:

"The Current" by Sean Paraventi: An Online Event - Jul 7

As we continue staying home and staying safe, we are happy to be able to bring you another installment in the #MakeArtVirtual series. This week our home-bound actors will be presenting an original play by Sean Paraventi “The Current“. As always, these events are free to all, but donations are appreciated and can be made at

Synopsis: In the The Current, bride-to-be Mary and her friends go to see a psychic to kick off her bachelorette party. It’s all in good fun. The psychic, Madame Camille, doesn’t take herself too seriously and neither do the ladies; but when Madame Camille begins to probe too deeply the women question her ability and leave to celebrate elsewhere. Later, after closing the bar, they all return, one by one, to deal with this Madame Camille. How did she know the things she knows? Was she trying to stir up trouble between the friends? Will this harmless visit end up causing irreparable damage? One thing is certain: The friends never could have predicted how the evening turns out.

The Cast:

ANGIE – Isis Simpson
DARLENE – Madeline Vallazza
SHARON – Sarah Smith
MARY – Brianne Donley

Narrator: Andy Harrington

Tech: Jacob Kaufman

About the Playwright:

Sean Paraventi, a Detroit playwright, actor and comedian, writes plays that both theatre and non-theatre people can enjoy


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