Bay City Players Presents Virtually:

The Cupcake Conspiracy- July 14

As we continue staying home and staying safe, we are happy to be able to bring you another installment in the #MakeArtVirtual series. This week we are bringing you The Cupcake Conspiracy by C.J Ehrlich & Philip Kaplan


“Cupcakes are easy. Marriage is complicated!” When newly-separated Max puts a toe into the dating waters behind his soon-to-be ex’s back, he hooks up with the wrong blind date, and finds himself up to his neck in a dangerous scheme involving cupcakes. Really evil cupcakes. Meanwhile his missed date, Suzie, misconnects with Alvin, a secret agent of so many identities, even he can’t remember who he is. This could be the greatest night of Max’s life, if he can just convince the sultry Natasha he’s the dread-sexy mastermind Bob X, foil her evil plans, ditch the Homeland Security agent hot on their trail, and most important, keep his wife — Suzie — from finding out.


The Cast:

Max – Jeffrey Merriman
Natasha – Natalie Lynn Slawnyk
Alvin – Andy Harrington
Susie – Cathie Stewart
Player One – Jim Stewart
Player Two – Alan Greenberg
Narrator: Philip J. Kaplan
Tech: Jacob Kaufman


About the playwrights:

C.J. Ehrlich’s award-winning plays have been performed in many states, notably of undress and panic, around the US and on five continents. Her work is published in anthologies including many Smith and Kraus’ Best Ten-Minute Plays annuals, and The Best American Short Plays of 2014-15 (THE LILAC TICKET). Produced full-lengths include THE CUPCAKE CONSPIRACY (w/Philip J. Kaplan), ZANE TO GATE 69 (scifi time travel comedy), and Austin Film Festival Second-Rounder THE MALTESE BABKA, for which she was awarded the 2018 “Women Are Funny” award. Screenplays include Loser Island (dark comedy pilot) and Graduation (thriller). A proud member of the Dramatists Guild, C.J. lists among her greatest achievements teaching her sons the fine art of the spit take. Web: Read her plays at

Philip J. Kaplan has been published in three volumes of Best Ten-Minute Plays (Smith and Kraus). Full Length plays include, THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE, Vintage Theatre (2019), BUNNYBOY, The Growing Stage (2020), THE CUPCAKE CONSPIRACY (w/ C.J. Ehrlich), Rover DramaWerks (2015), Florentine Players (2017), and I, VERMIN: A HOLLYWOOD SUCCESS STORY, NY Fringe Festival (2002). Website:

As always, these events are free to all, but donations are appreciated and can be made at


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