Bay City Players is thrilled to announce the 2021-2022 Board of Directors! Our board is somewhat unique as we have an operational board meaning that each board member provides leadership and plays an active role in the organization by volunteering, assisting with daily operations, and/or leading committees. Their involvement in the organization is essential to our mission of providing high quality entertainment that educates and enriches the community.  The board consist of 11-15 members and follows the Bay City Player’s Board of Directors By-Laws.

The board’s main goals are:

  • To promote, encourage and advance interest, activities, understanding and ability in theatrical arts
  • To organize, produce and display for the education, edification and enjoyment of the public, amateur plays, productions, skits, presentations and musical
  • To own, acquire and maintain real and personal property for the production of said activities, and to conduct and operate activities and promotions to acquire said assets, finances and means to permit and make possible said activities.

A new board was elected at the July 2021 Meeting:

For a second term (July 2021 – June 2023):

  • Todd Little
  • Mike Wisniewski

For a first term (July 2021 – June 2023):

  • Jeanne Cadena
  • Randi Dalton
  • Larry Jacobs
  • Deborah Lake
  • Erin Frye
  • Claire Hadley-Flynn (Vice President)
  • Jim Pawloski

For one-year appointments replacing board members resigning prior to the end of a term (2021-2022):

  • Danzell Calhoun
  • Liz Loll

The following individuals are continuing in their terms:

  • Claire Clark
  • John Tanner (President)
  • Bob Chadwick
  • Judy Miller (Secretary)


The following individuals have completed their terms and we thank them for their service:

  • Greg Burke
  • Tyra Khan
  • Jeff List
  • Brenda Scramlin
  • Tracy Teich*

The following individuals have resigned from the board before the end of their terms and we thank them for their service:

  • Jake Monroe
  • Doris Perry

*Although Tracy Teich has left the Board of Directors she will continue her role as Treasurer.

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