Grant Awards and Donor Thank You

Grants and Donor Thank You

Bay City Players is grateful for the support that we have received this last year from grantors and donors providing operational and special project support. Thank you for supporting Bay City Players and helping us continue our mission of providing high quality entertainment that enriches and educates the community. You are why we can continue providing live theatre for our 104th year!

We received $40,750 in operational grants from the Bay Area Community Foundation, Michigan Business Restart Grant, and Michigan Stages Survival Grant. This was 42% of our income for the year.

A major project that is currently underway is replacing two older sections of our flat roof. This project could not be happening without the support of Grantors. We have received $56,500 in grant funding to help pay for the $90,000 project. Here is a list of the grants that we have received for our Roof Replacement Project:

  • Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs
  • Huntington Bank- Maxwell K. Pribil Memorial Trust
  • Kantzler Foundation
  • Bay Area Community Foundation- The Osthelder Advisory Fund
  • S.C. Johnson

Additionally, we received grant funding from the Rotary Club to help with our youth programs and MCACA Arts Project Grant for Season 103 Reimagined/GODSPELL. 

Although donations are not grants, a special thank you goes to our donors who contributed $45,504 in general fund contributions in the 2020-2021 fiscal year resulting in a whopping 47% of our income for the year.

We are so grateful for the COVID relief funding and donors that have sustained us this year and that will continue to give us security as we embark on a new year that is still filled with uncertainty.

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