1214 Columbus Ave, Bay City, MI 48708
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By Pat Cook

Audition Dates:

October 22 & 23 @ 7:00 p.m.

In-person at Bay City Players

1214 Columbus Ave.

Bay City, MI  48708

Director: Jeff List

Producer: Judy Miller

Production Dates:

December 10, 15-17, 2023

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without family drama, right? Escape from your own family drama to join Judith and Hayden Stewart as they plan a big family Christmas party. As the party draws near, everyone is on their best behavior. Too good to be true? Probably! The intrigue builds as family members wonder what other family members are hiding behind that friendly facade. Will it turn out to be a good old-fashioned big family Christmas after all?

Note from the Director:

This is a big, fun and (occasionally) wild show. So please come ready to have fun making big (and possibly wild) choices. We will provide scenes to work on once you arrive. Thank you for supporting community theatre.


  • HAYDEN STEWART – to play mid-40s
  • JUDITH STEWART – to play mid-40s
  • CARLA – to play 30s, Judith’s younger sister
  • BETH – to play 25-35, the youngest sister
  • MAX – to play late 30s, Carla’s husband
  • CLIFF – to play 25-35, Beth’s husband
  • PHOEBE – to play college age, Hayden and Judith’s daughter
  • MILDRED – a neighbor
  • BLAIR: to play young teen, Carla and Max’s daughter
  • LANIE: to play pre-teen, Blair’s younger sister
  • JACK: to play 60s, Judith’s dad
  • ARLENE: to play 60s, Judith’s mom
  • TOM: to play 60s, Hayden’s dad
  • MARJORIE: to play 60s, Hayden’s mom

Rehearsal Schedule: 

Please review the tentative rehearsal schedule: AGOF Christmas_Tentative_Schedule.pdf-2

What to prepare:

  1. Review the AGOF Christmas_Tentative_Schedule.pdf-2 for conflicts
  2. Complete Audition Form prior to auditioning
  3. Please show up early for ONE of the auditions as we will start promptly. Late arrivals will not be permitted.
  4. If you have any questions, please email the director at thefakejefflist@gmail.com or the producer at jamiller852.jm@gmail.com.

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