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 Casting Calls

Welcome to Bay City Player’s Casting Call page. This page reflects our current casting calls and provides the needed information to audition. Auditions are open to the public and newcomers are welcome. Due to COVID-19, Season 104 will be a little different as we will be offering nine shows and there will be no season flex passes. Tickets will go on sale approximately eight weeks prior to show opening. 

Script Checkout
It is not required to checkout a script to audition but more of a preference. Play scripts are available to check-out for auditions. $20 refundable deposit is required and scripts can only be checked out for ten days and must be returned prior to auditions. Musical materials are not available to checkout for auditions. If cast in a musical, there is a $25 refundable deposit for music materials. The deposit will be collected when materials are handed out.

Bay City Player’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Vision Statement:

The theatre has long been a haven for self-expression and restoration of the spirit. However, we recognize there is great inequity in our world. We embrace the opportunity to learn from the worldwide call for allyship with respect to the voices of all marginalized people. We understand that impactful and long-lasting change takes time and a shared commitment. Bay City Players is dedicated to authentic Diversity, Inclusion and Equity across all spectrums and will continue to seek innovative ways to achieve this.

Bay City Player’s Makeup Policy

Bay City Players has implemented a new Makeup Policy for the safety of cast members. Each cast member is asked to purchase their own Ben Nye makeup kit to keep with intent to reduce the spread of germs resulting from sharing makeup. Cast members do not have to purchase a kit if they have a Ben Nye kit from a previous show. The kit cost approximately $17-24 per kit. Kits last approximately two years if taken care of properly and Ben Nye has colors for EVERY skin tone. Should you not be able to cover the cost of your kit, scholarships are available and kept confidential. Scholarships can be requested after casting on the Cast Bio form. The Makeup Chair will meet with cast to help them select the correct kit and Bay City Players will order all the kits. Payment will be collected when the kits are handed out via cash, check, or credit card.

COVID-19 Policy

Bay City Players follows current COVID-19 government guidelines and recommendations to protect the health and safety of volunteers, staff, and patrons and we encourage all volunteers to be vaccinated. 

All Patrons, Volunteers, Staff are required to wear face coverings while indoors in the building at Bay City Players except:

  • When actively eating or drinking
  • Child is under 2 years of age
  • A person with a disability who cannot wear a mask, or cannot safely wear a mask, for reasons related to the disability
  • Actors on stage during a performance.

We hope to continue to resume normal production activities but we cannot guarantee that a show will be fully produced. If the CDC or the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services posts new advisories or recommendations, we will follow them and continue to act on the side of health and safety for our volunteers and staff. If changes or adjustments are made along the way, you can trust that you will be notified immediately.

Current Casting Calls

DETROIT ‘67 Auditions

January 4 or 5, 2022

7:00 PM

In-Person at Bay City Players

Director: Danzell Calhoun
Assistant Director: Jessica McFarland
Producer: Judy Miller

Rehearsals begin Sunday, January 9

Performance dates are March 11-13 and 18-20, 2022


“CRACKLING WITH HUMOR! Fire up some Motown, get those hips moving and everything will work out fine.” – The New York Times

Chelle and Lank are brother and sister who share their recently inherited childhood home. They work together, scraping enough money together to make ends meet. To supplement their small inheritance, they have converted their basement into an unlicensed private club. Although the siblings are close, Lank, a dreamer, has secret plans for the money raised by their little joint: he and his friend Sly want to buy a real bar together. Lank knows that his more conventional sister will object–she has a son at college who needs her financial support.

After Lank and Sly find a badly beaten white woman on their way home one night, their situation becomes further complicated. Chelle reluctantly agrees to let Caroline (the mystery lady) stay if she pulls her weight by working in the basement–a decision she comes to quickly regret when she notices the chemistry between Caroline and her brother.  As tensions mount between the siblings, they also rise among the city’s Black residents and the Detroit Police Department, resulting in an explosive conclusion.

Set against some of Motown’s greatest hits, and crackling with wit, humor, and drama, this is the first installment in Dominique Morisseau’s play cycle The Detroit Project. DETROIT ‘67 provides an unflinching look at race relations during the turbulent Civil Rights Movement and is sure to become a classic!



WHEN- TUESDAY, January 4 or WEDNESDAY, January 5 at 7 pm

WHERE- Bay City Players – 1214 Columbus Ave, Bay City, MI 48708




  • CHELLE (MICHELLE) – Black F/Femme, to play late 30s, strong, steadfast, firm, and not easily impressed. A widow, mother, and sister. A loving heart beneath her pride.
  • LANK (LANGSTON) – Black M/Masc, to play early 30s, cool, loving, and charismatic. A dreamer. Has a special effect on women, but not a womanizer. Chelle’s younger brother.
  • BUNNY (BONITA) – Black F/Femme, to play mid-to-late 30s, fun, spunky, sexy, and joyful. A friend and sometimes a liver … Never lets nothin’ get her down.
  • SLY (SYLVESTER) – Black M/Masc, to play late 30s, hip, slick, and sweet-talking. An honest hustler and numbers man. Fiercely loyal. Lank’s best buddy.
  • CAROLINE – White F/Femme, to play late 20s/early 30s, beautiful, quiet strength, troubled, soft, and mysterious. There is a world of danger behind her eyes.


February 6 or 7, 2022

6:30 PM


In-Person at Bay City Players

1214 Columbus Ave.

Bay City, MI 48708


Director: Michael J. Wisniewski
Music Director: Jim Hohmeyer

Choreography and Assistant Director: Rita Gnida
Producer: Greg Burke


Please join us for in-person auditions for our upcoming production of the musical FOLLIES, book by James Goldman and music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Auditions are open to the public and newcomers are welcome! Auditions are February 6th OR February 7th at 6:30 PM, with February 8th held for call-backs if needed or an additional night of auditions if there is inclement weather, also at 6:30 PM. Rehearsals begin Sunday, February 20th, and performance dates are April 22-24 and April 29-May 1, 2022. Those auditioning must be age 18 at the time of auditions. The tentative rehearsal schedule is included, so please communicate any and all conflicts on the audition form.

Available Roles:

SALLY DURANT PLUMBER – Female to play late 40’s to early 50’s

PHYLLIS ROGERS STONE – Female to play late 40’s to early 50’s

BUDDY PLUMBER – Male to play early to mid 50’s

BENJAMIN STONE – Male to play early to mid 50’s

YOUNG SALLY – Female to play early 20’s

YOUNG PHYLLIS – Female to play early 20’s

YOUNG BUDDY – Male to play early 20’s

YOUNG BENJAMIN – Male to play early 20’s

CARLOTTA CAMPION – Female to play mid to late 50’s

STELLA DEEMS – Female to play mid 50’s to early 60’s

MAX DEEMS – Male to play mid 50’s to early 60’s

HATTIE WALKER – Female to play early to mid 60’s

SOLANGE LA FITTE – Female to play mid to late 60’s

EMILY WHITMAN – Female to play mid to late 60’s

THEODORE WHITMAN – Male to play mid to late 60’s

HEIDI SCHILLER – Female to play mid to late 70’s

YOUNG HEIDI – Female to play early to mid 20’s

DIMITRI WEISMANN – Male to play early 80’s

ROSCOE – Male to play late 60’s, early 70’s

DEE DEE WEST – Female to play early 50’s

SANDRA CRANE – Female to play early to mid 50’s

KEVIN – Male to play 20’s to mid 30’s

ENSEMBLE: Showgirls, singers, dancers, waiters, waitresses, photographer

What to Prepare

  1. Review the audition packet: Follies Audition Packet
  2. Complete audition form prior to auditions: https://forms.gle/xMuhJ1svQV4wsKDB6
  3. Those auditioning are asked to prepare 16 measures of a Sondheim song, which can be from the show, and have music available for the accompanist.  No A Cappella please.  You will be taught a simple dance routine and there will be cold readings from the script.  The readings will be given at the time of auditions. Here is a great resource to use in preparing a song for auditions: