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Peace Pox Film Showing



By Rodney Merten

Locally produced history-based film  “The Peace Pox” chronicles the Christmas Truce of 1914, when World War I soldiers on both sides temporarily stopped fighting when lives of two sergeants, one German and one British, reflect back on their lives and realize that they have a common connection. Starring Ryan Iver-Klann, Josiah Vaccaro, and Micheal Curtis. Written and produced by Rodney Merten, directed by Danzell Calhoun. The film was spearheaded by a local crew and was filmed locally in Fairgrove, Bay City, and other northern Michigan locations. Filming sites included Hyatt Ewald Funeral Home in Bay City and First Presbyterian Church of Saginaw. Check out the film trailer below!

  • December 23, 2022
  • 7:30 PM
  • $11 general admission
  • 67-minute film showing without intermission

Written By

Rodney Merten

Rodney Merten lives on Shay Lake, about 50 miles south east of Bay City with Rose,  his wife and Muse. He has been making movies with Danzell Calhoun for over a decade. He has produced three feature movies: Torn Soul; Uncle Buddy; and POX. A stageplay, Tinnitus, had two performances. Completed scripts include: POX (premiered December 2019); two bio-pic projects in pre-production: Who’s Jim Hines and Billy (Billy Eckstine). Other scripts include: The Money Tree; Corinth High; Under Her Wing; and It Was A Life. He has authored several books: Room 101 (being prepared for a TV mini-series); Eternity; Sour Note; Sneakers; A Gift of Life; American Apocalypse; and The Garden of Eatin’ (coloring book). An illustrated children’s book, The Bear Who Could, awaits finding an illustrator.


Danzell Calhoun

Danzell Calhoun has 13+ years in Theater and Film production. Danzell is an actor, director, producer, author, videographer, film editor and film distributor who began his journey in theater serving as the Artistic Director for The Hancock Theater before making the transition to filmmaking. Danzell’s passion for the arts began with the desire to provide more opportunities for minorities and local talent. He has successfully produced and directed several stage plays (Freedom is my Middle Name, The Goodrige Brothers, The Call of the Spirit, Top Dog Underdog, Tinnitus), feature films (Torn Soul, Uncle Buddy, POX), short films ( Granted, Very Nasty Indeed, It’s just five dollars, etc.), and documentaries (Black Men Matter, Raising Future Leaders, One room SchoolHouse, The Flint Water Crisis)  that focus on African American history, social justice, and the plight of the African American male. Danzell has also filmed, directed and produced over 100 commercials for small and corporate businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, events  and authors throughout the United States and Canada.